According to a report….

The city I live next to is filled with women.  Specifically, women that are in their twenties.  Fukuoka (along with Akita) is also known in Japan for having beautiful women.

This is actually the popular Tokyo group called AKB-48. I think Fukuoka should form their own from their ample ranks and call them FUK-48.

This makes sense.  A year ago I got on the wrong bus with a friend.  When we realized our mistake we got off and found the closes subway station.  It was like we had slipped into some wonderful or (depending on the time of the month…) horrifying alternate reality.  The platform was packed with people.  All of them were young women.  I don’t know if an Arashi concert had just finished or David Hasselhoff was having a tit signing session, but for some strange reason we found ourselves immersed in a sea of women.

I think it’s safe to assume I don’t know what women want… Neither does Mel Gibson I assume though…

So write that down.  Fukuoka = tons of hot young women.  They really need to market that better…  If I’ve learned anything from Super Bowl commercials there are two things that sell and of them much better than the other.  Comedy and S-E-X.

Moral of this is:

who wants to visit?


We also have a baseball stadium…
and basketball!

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