From the hard-drive. I literally have no memory of writing this, so either I didn’t write it, I wrote it late at night, I was drunk when I wrote it, or I’m in a Christopher Nolan movie

Where was that again?
We’re linear things
in thought
in deed
not complex, not geomentric
we think along straight lines
sometimes breaking,
rarely bending
always never quite right
But give me something anti status quo
and why is it
that being deep and thoughtful
means thoughtlessly following the crowd
of people who say they’re deep and toughtful
when the only real thoughts they have
are worrying that others see them as going against the grain
That really grinds me.
that there’s some established way to be antiestablishment.
You’re bland.
look at you.
vacuous soldier of the thrift-store fashion
ironically not knowing what irony really is.
you’re bland you know.
look at you seeing the world so black and white,
right is right
wrong is wrong
shit you don’t understand you talk until we change the subject.
you’ve got nothing.
just like me.
you’re just like everyone else.
ironically lame.
give me some color.
color me
i don’t care what hue
how can i paint it so you understand that I don’t give a shit

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