As it is that I live in a godless country that is nearly homogenous in their ignorance of all things scriptural and who are also responsible for Godzilla movies and tiny friendly pocket sized monsters… So of course the general public around me don’t frequently tune into American Christian talk radio.

I can’t describe how hard it is to bear the knowledge that the world is ending while everyone else is behaving like Saturday is just another day…

I woke up this morning and realized that I wasn’t floating in the clouds of heaven and the reality sank in. I wasn’t among the chosen spend the rest of eternity as part of a never ending choir group. I’m still here on Earth.

Now Saturday comes to Japan before it gets to America. Even now if you read this stateside I am happy for you and I hate you at the same time, because you’re still somehow trapped in yesterday. What is the post-apocalyptic-world like you wonder?

Quite honestly it’s insane, but I don’t want to scare you so I won’t go into detail. Just be prepared. Hopefully you’ve already pre ordered Glenn Beck’s survival kit from Food Insurance. I ordered the Premium Deluxe Family package, it’s supposed to feed a family of four for a year, but I was hoping I could live off of it for four years. Unfortunately it didn’t make it past customs and I was cited for attempting to import stupidity to the country.

I guess the one thing I can do now is look back at all my mistakes in life and weep for the error of my ways…

I am far from perfect. I’ve made some huge mistakes. I saw The Last Airbender…

There are no more puppies, they all went to heaven…

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