#5 I’m running in the rain…

I run in Japan. I never ran in America. Even when I was supposed to I run for P.E. class or baseball I never really ran. I mean, I ran the bases in baseball. I ran down the basketball court in P.E. I’ve chased after the haunting melody of the ice cream truck. For the life of me, I’ve never run. I tried it once in high school. I got up at 5a.m. on school days and jogged for seven minutes away from my house and then turned around and ran back. It was a terrible experience… maybe because running sucks or maybe because getting up at 5a.m. for any reason except sex or Christmas is a bad idea. In 2009 I read a book called, When I Think About Running, by Haruki Murakami, my favorite author. Upon finishing the book I dropped everything and ran 500 meters in my sandals. I didn’t stop because I was wearing sandals. I stopped because 500 meters of jogging at a pace barely faster than chubby man’s waddle towards the buffet was all I could handle at that point. For some strange reason I stuck with it.

So today I was running. It’s June, which means it’s the rainy season in Japan. Yesterday I skipped because I heard distant rolling thunder and the last thing I want to do is die from lighting strike while running. Today it poured all day, but around 4:30 the rain let up and I took a chance, laced up my Ascis, and hit the pavement. After 1k the rain started to sprinkle. After 2k I started to consider turning around, but I hate hate hate doing that because whenever I backtrack I feel like I’m losing ground or something. So I kept running. Around 3k I was soaked and far enough way that I just kept at it. I logged 7.1k through the rain and large puddles. The last 4k was run with rain soaked clothes and squishy shoes. I’m still on the fence about squishy shoes… if I’m running and I only have to deal with it for a limited amount of time it’s almost kind of fun… almost…

At least it beats running in the f’ing snow!!!…

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