A pretty smile

And green my eyes

Like firefly lights


Earthquakes split the ground

We break like drifting ice

Up and down

To Africa and Middle East

To Gulf stream waters and Chinese seas

We say we dream of peace

We say to us,

We hoped breaking books would cut a change

When all the water went dry and the dinosaurs still devoured

The green


Blood mixed with oil burns both and kills both

Love mixed with hate is the same

Is my world

Our world

Crooked or straight there’s no where to turn

And no one has anything new

Nothing is pure, not even babes

Who breed controversy before their births,

Genetic preordination…


We divide to divide

Division is our favorite kind of math

We subtract

And attack

And take flack, so we refuse to step back

And retract where we stand to make land

For all the thoughtless things that trickle through our heads

And out our silly little mouths

And silly little comments

And crazy little dreams


But pretty smiles

And blue my eyes

Like October skies


We war for ideals, for freedom, for peace

For a bigger piece of someone else’s piece of the pie

Please pass some prejudice

And protect my ancient rites


Equality only exists between naked people and corpses

But only then for just a bit

Nothing is news, only headlines. Only silent prayers,

Only profit

But even blood diamonds sparkle

And shine


So she smiles.

And black my eyes

That reads the skies

And tries to find the reasons, the whys

Rain comes down

And blows down towns

Sometimes life is for losing


Does the world revolve?

Does it impact us or do we impact it



Are the answers ever the same?

Is there truly give and take?

Some people give too much

Most people take too much

The pendulum swings

But the meter is skewed

Back and forth, forth and back

Perpetually grinding down


A pretty smile

And green my eyes

Like firefly light

Fading in glass jars.


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