My favorite Japanese word is mendokusai. It could be translated as, “troublesome,” but depending on how you say it, it could mean, “royal pain in the ass.” Getting married means you have to plan, and plan, and plan. If you’re having a bi-national event then that means you have to plan even more… Not only do you have to plan, but you have to spend, spend, spend. However, strangely enough, having my nuptials in Hawaii actually meant I had to spend less than if I married in the nation I currently reside. A Japanese wedding runs around $20-40,000. It usually involves several costume changes, and a long line of well wishers each with envelopes stuffed with yen. Depending on how many people you know, and how many of those people are rich, you could possibly come out ahead after it’s all said and done. There’s no real point I’m trying to make here except the act of getting married that adheres to the traditional standards of society is “mendokusai” but if you’re to get married doing it with a lot of Japanese guests is maybe one of the most profitable ways to do it…

We really did arrive by helicopter…

2 thoughts on “Genki Card #7 Marriage

  1. Your wedding looked amazing!! Would you mind sharing what company your reserved the chapel through? I am looking to get married in Ko Olina next year and I absolutely love this venue! Also who was your photographer? Please feel free to email directly. Thanks in advance!!

    1. We booked through H.I.S. a travel agency in Japan. The wedding company is called Watabe Wedding. The photographer’s name was Jason and he was the only bilingual photographer they use I think. Total costs including flights from Japan, a week in the Embassy Suites Honolulu, pictures, ceremony, limo, reception came in well south of $20K. We booked early January and nabbed one of the limited New Years specials.

      Good luck on your wedding, biggest step it the first one… oh, and writing the check…

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