The Color Like Black

black like the depths of space,
black like the coal miner’s face,
black like a sun that’s died,
black like the middle of my eye,
black like my momma’s hair,
black like batman’s lair,
black like the muzzle of a gun,
black like the robes wrapped around a nun,
black like the ex who left,
black like Kweli and his friend Mos Def,

The Color Like Red

red like the setting sun,
red like the blood dripping down your gun,
red like the Christmas crabs on the beach,
red like fire rolling through the trees,
red like ruby set inside my ring,
red like a hawk has upon its wing,
red like a badge of courage in war,
red like her dress dropped on my floor,

The Color Like Yellow

yellow like waves of grain,
yellow like the stains of acidic rain,
yellow like the Simpson’s skin,
yellow like the albacore’s tail and fin,
yellow like lemon sitting in my tree,
yellow like the lion with Dorothy,
yellow like chick hatching from an egg,
yellow like light between green and red,

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