This photo is awesome and hilarious. And before anyone gets offended, it’s a photoshopped spoof of an actual billboard which was targeting homosexuals and lesbians, which, if you’re like me, is just as offensive, or if you’re an avid FOX news watcher then it’s just a political platform to support.

Photoshopped Asian version:
I tried prayer... didn't help back when I was a kid.
I tried to find a picture of the original, but this one looks doctored to me too... if anyone has a better photo please let me know!

It’s kind of funny, because when I was younger I very much didn’t want to be asian. Most of my idols were movie stars, athletes, and animated animals. I found out that as an asian male in all/mostly white churches I could never be Joseph in the nativity scenes.

We made great wise men and permissible shepherds...

The only movie roles asians seemed to get were ninjas, zero fighter pilots, old martial arts masters, and insane villains…

oh... and hot asian chicks.

And the baseball players I worshiped were every color but yellow… and that’s alright.

Were there times I wished I wasn’t asian growing up in America? Yes. Sometimes I wanted to peal my skin off, but what good would that do, then I’d be some skinless monster like something out of a Robbie Williams music video… and he had to go way way way too far to get the girl in that one.

But my parents were loving and supportive and any such inclinations were fleeting at most like my love of the recorder, pop rocks, or attempt to learn guitar. Which is why today I can honestly say, that picture is fucking hilarious, despite remembering my own unanswered prayers from a childhood, not so long ago.

2 thoughts on “Tired of being Asian? Nope.

  1. I know this is way after this was posted.. but the second picture is correct it’s just a different billboard. I drove by the bottom one everyday and saw the top one a few times. It’s in South Carolina, who woulda guessed?

    1. Wait, let me clarify.. not the top one as in saying “Asian,” (as far as I know nobody has done that, but I always thought it would be funny if somebody actually decided to for the lulz) the top one as in the location and the actual billboard that was photoshopped.

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