Recent stroke of genius by Google. First, they made it nigh impossible for me to YouTube comments…

I just gave up on finding them for about a month…


That was around the beginning of 2013 I think. I’m not sure when it happened because I don’t check my YouTube account on a regular basis. One day I went to check it and my inbox had disappeared. This is a mother of all 1st world problems, but it was still annoying. Why would they do that? Did they only do it to me? I didn’t notice any massive internet petitions going about demanding YouTube bring back the inbox link, but seriously what the hell right? Were they being passive aggressive? Were they trying to teach us that nothing in life is constant. You could wake up one day and suddenly find yourself lost in a dystopian world. Was it a prank? Did they all get drunk on Bailey’s Irish Cream and say to themselves, “You know what would be hilarious? If we moved all the links and stuff on YouTube around for no reason at all!”
“But wait,” another chimes in, “let’s just hide their inbox!”
“Yeah! It’s completely uncalled for!”

But then six months later…
“Hey, you know how we hid everyone’s YouTube inbox?”
“Oh yeah… man we were dicks!”
“Yeah, we should totally fix that, but instead of really fixing it, let’s make everyone have to use google+ to comment now.”
“Google+?… Oh… yeah… Totally forgot we had that.”
“But you ‘liked’ our Facebook page…”
“Whatever, yeah! Let’s do that.”

I actually did a google hangout maybe a year ago, and I had to use my google+ account… It’s been collecting internet dust ever since though…


But with the new integration, finding all activity on my youtube account is always there all the time.

The number changes when I’m on just plain google…


So bravo google… very shrewd… Hide it, then give it back but only if I use google+…

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