Mmmmmm… that new blog smell!

I’ve made a new blog named Motnock’s Corner. It’s for more personal posts, less Japanese stuff, more looks into my life with my loveable twisted sense of ultra dry humor. Only one post up so far, it’s so brand new!

It’s connected to my google+ accounts. Also, annoyingly enough I can’t post links from Gaijin Chameleon to my FB page. FB has been a real douche about that saying it’s spammy. GC isn’t spammy! It’s hilarious! Whatever…

srsly… FB… you’re like that annoying girl at the bar who the more you keep fishing for more information the more I don’t feel guilty for lying…

Don’t worry! I’ll continue to sporadically update this blog as well. Thanks for all your reading through the years!

I need to hire an artist for my illustrations probably...
I need to hire an artist for my illustrations probably…

Teaching Materials Update

I’ve added my recently designed, “Castle Game” to my teaching materials page. Use and enjoy.

Castle Game


may i castle game

This game uses no dice. Game pieces can just be the student’s erasers or pen caps. One student is the ‘King’ and the others want to become the new king. Best played in groups of 3-4. The students will take turns playing rock-scissors-paper with the ‘King.’ If they win they can go 3 spaces, if they tie they to 2 spaces, and if they lose to the ‘King’ they will go one space. They must ask the ‘King’ for permission as they land on the appropriate spaces. e.g. if the 1st student loses to the king and lands on (1) then they have to ask the king, “May I go to 4?” Then another round of rock-scissors-paper is played. If the player wins then the ‘King’ grants the request, (Yes, you may.), and the player can move to (4). If the ‘King” wins then the request is denied, (No you may not.), and the player has to stay put. Each space that has a request asked to the ‘King’ has the Loss / Win results beneath the request.

In my game using “May I…” the students have a chance to gain “bazookas” which can then be used when they are attacked. The ‘King’ holds the bazooka cards and must give them out when it is requested. If the students have no bazooka cards they then they have to try to escape instead.

When a student reaches the end and becomes the new king the game begins again from the start.

You may change the Loss / Win values if you want or use the blank template I’ll provide here to use your own grammar point. Even if you don’t know how to use photoshop you can simply write in your own target grammar as long as your handwriting is legible. You can also use whiteout, type your new stuff in word or something and then cut and paste and then run it through a copier. That’s old school, but I’m willing to be at least some of you have never thought of doing that before which is pretty sad…

castle game template



Bazooka cards. One sheet should be enough for a class of 35-40 kids.

My Gay Thought

I remember a kid a few years younger than me back in high school. I was playing basketball with his twin brother while he watched. I was wearing a WWJD bracelet and he asked me what it meant. I told him. Then he asked me the strangest thing. “Does God hate gay people?”

I shrugged, “He doesn’t hate anyone, I don’t think.”

“But if you have sex with a man then you can’t go to heaven right?” he pressed.

“Hmmm, if you’re gay, you can ask for forgiveness and God promised to forgive you.”

“What about if you had gay stuff done to you?” he asked quietly.

Taken aback, I really, at that time, didn’t know. “I don’t know,” I told him. “It’s not your fault.”

“Could you still not get into heaven?” he asked.


“Would you still have to ask for forgiveness?”



This memory hit me the other day, jarring like getting laid out by a linebacker. That kid was probably being sexually abused, I feel awful about it now. I don’t even remember his name. What the hell did I say to him? I don’t blame myself. I answered him as best I could with the knowledge that had been passed down to me from the pulpit, Sunday school arts and crafts, and youth group trips filled with sexual tension.

I’m kind of peeved that the best thing I ever heard in a church about homosexuality is that, “All sin is equal in the eyes of the Lord.” I don’t remember what the worst thing I ever heard was, but then at the time that I still went to those sorts of churches I didn’t really see anything wrong with what they were saying.

Is it really all equal? Is loving someone of the same sex the same as child rape? Do you really need to ask forgiveness for both. Are both the same in the “eyes of the Lord?” Is God wearing beer goggles while he passes judgement and damnation, salvation and redemption through grace?

It’s not a simple matter.

No one knows the answer really. To know the truth would be to know what God thinks and the ultimate hubris of man is forming religions and labeling things black and white when in reality we have no fucking idea how to judge the beautiful and ugly rainbow of colors that make our big weird world.

People will always look for ways to divide ourselves. Political parties, sexual orientation, race, nationality, income, football teams, geographic locations, diet, Star Trek captains, music, Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie…

Christians are supposed to love God and love their neighbors. Do unto others as you would do unto yourself. There must be church pews filled with self-loathing…

My thoughts on Guns from 2011

Gaijin Chameleon

I come from America and more specifically the southern area of the United States. I grew up in Florida, West Virginia, and Kentucky primarily. I spent the last three years of high school and all four years of college in Kansas, which always seemed like they were trying their hardest to either emulate Texans or convince me how much better they were from Nebraskans and Iowans. But to me that was like saying the ‘eggshell white’ is better than ‘white satin’ or ‘ivory tusk’… while there’s a difference who actually gives shit?

Aside from the easy Charlton Heston jokes, guns played an important point in American history. They helped conquer the indigenous people, win independence from the British monarchy, they helped us kill each other when we battled for states rights and wether a black man could or couldn’t be sold like livestock. Guns let Germany try to conquer Europe…

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