Still Shaking

The day after tomorrow is still tomorrow, but today Japan is still being rattled by aftershocks and tsunamis are still sweeping inland bringing boats and sea animals and moving buildings, cars, and bridges.


I’ve seen a lot of stuff that isn’t too far from where I live.

There’s a merchant vessel kilometers away from the ocean that’s resting in the middle of a forest.

There are entire buildings floating away.

Giant whirlpools are sucking down ships.

Great fires are burning a long the coast.

A baseball field by an estuary is filled with bits of wood that used to be buildings.

Railroad tracks are hanging off the sides of mountains.

Roads are cracked.

Bridges have fallen apart.

Cars have been crushed and mangled.

Towns are under water.

Stranded people are writing, “HELP” on the rooftops.


A woman was at work when the quakes began.  She managed to make it back home, but there’s nothing there.  Her house is gone.  Her neighbors’ houses are gone.  Actually, the entire small town she lived in is gone.  The only evidence that humans lived there are the bits of buildings and outlines of foundations still visible from the air.    In a matter of moments it was wiped off the map.


A nuclear reactor is leaking.


My friends for the most part are alright.  We’ve lost touch with one who was in Ibaraki.  There were bad tsunamis there.  I’m still worried.


One of my friends lost co workers.


One of my friends walked 14 miles to get home because the trains are down.


What terrible destructive power.