Genki Card #3 the Duvet Complex

#3 The Duvet Complex

This is the original anecdote that I wanted to share with the world when I first thought of making my own vanity cards. Let me preface by admitting I really have no idea what a duvet is. I have two vague definitions floating around in my head from Fight Club and some other source I can’t remember. For some reason I still to this day think that a duvet is simply a comforter-cover. And this is only because saying duvet is 3 less syllables than comforter-cover. The comforter that I’ve been using in Japan was originally covered with what I call a duvet when it was gifted to me by my girl-friend when she got a newer comforter for herself. After a year of heavy use, I was instructed to remove the duvet and have it laundered. When the clean duvet was returned to me I stored it in my closet because the comforter itself was clean, as it had spent it’s whole life wrapped in the duvet and redressing it with the duvet seemed more difficult than just storing the duvet in my closet. After another two years my comforter tore down the middle exposing the polyester filling. Faced with the growing need to go shopping for a new comforter I remembered my duvet and after a brief struggle reapplied it to my ailing comforter. The two were happy to be reunited and I will do pretty much anything to get out of shopping for anything related to comforters or duvets…

You expect me trust the definition from a fictional imaginary friend?