Genki Card #2 Mr. Genki

#2 Mr. Genki

For anyone who’s not familiar with Japanese, “genki” is a multipurpose word that I actually don’t like too much. This stems from when I first arrived in Japan and during my training with Interac we were encouraged to act… well, genki… That is they wanted us to behave in a cheerful manner at all times. Now I never graduated from clown academy, but from the brochure my mom brought me my senior year of high school, the description matched fairly well. Run around, be physically self deprecating if you think it will make children laugh, talk in funny voices, always be smiling, use props, dance, sing… There was one kid in our training group who did all these things so well that he earned the nickname of Mr. Genki. Believe me you don’t want to be the person who earns the title Mr. Genki (or Mrs. Genki). But as I watched that blonde haired brown-noser dance around I had to admire his energy and fear the psychopathic smile permanently plastered on his idiotic face. These cards will probably not be too genki, but I figured its a common enough term that the keywords would get more hits than my first choice, “Insanity Cards…”

Visual approximation… I don’t remember his real name, it was something ordinary like Kevin or something…