New Math

Don’t be wasteful.

  • 12 rolls of toilet paper is enough for 1000 trips to the bathroom.
  • 10L (2.6gal) of gasoline is enough to transport 4 injured people.
  • 1 loaf of bread is a meal for 1 family.
  • 1 small can of gas cooks enough rice for 10 people.
  • 5kg (11lbs) of rice feeds 120 people.
  • 1 battery powers a radio for 100 people to use.

I’m sure more than 100 people might be able to use the radio, but you get the point.  Re-evaluate how you use supplies from dog food and AAA batteries to the miles you drive and the food you throw away.

There are some amazing stories that are coming out.  Like the baby that was torn from her father’s arms by the tsunami, but was later found alive and reunited with her parents.  A man was rescued on top of a floating roof miles away from shore.  But the stories of joy and happiness only breaks up the sobering reality that thousands of bodies are being found floating along the coast, people are starving, Japan is combating a nuclear disaster.

But we’re helping.  We’re working together to support the people who need to be supported.  Life here in Fukuoka is seemingly business as usual for me.  I go to work, I eat, I sleep.  Someday life in the Tohoku region will go back to normal as well.  But not for a very long time.

Help if you can and if you have already thanks.


Still Shaking

The day after tomorrow is still tomorrow, but today Japan is still being rattled by aftershocks and tsunamis are still sweeping inland bringing boats and sea animals and moving buildings, cars, and bridges.


I’ve seen a lot of stuff that isn’t too far from where I live.

There’s a merchant vessel kilometers away from the ocean that’s resting in the middle of a forest.

There are entire buildings floating away.

Giant whirlpools are sucking down ships.

Great fires are burning a long the coast.

A baseball field by an estuary is filled with bits of wood that used to be buildings.

Railroad tracks are hanging off the sides of mountains.

Roads are cracked.

Bridges have fallen apart.

Cars have been crushed and mangled.

Towns are under water.

Stranded people are writing, “HELP” on the rooftops.


A woman was at work when the quakes began.  She managed to make it back home, but there’s nothing there.  Her house is gone.  Her neighbors’ houses are gone.  Actually, the entire small town she lived in is gone.  The only evidence that humans lived there are the bits of buildings and outlines of foundations still visible from the air.    In a matter of moments it was wiped off the map.


A nuclear reactor is leaking.


My friends for the most part are alright.  We’ve lost touch with one who was in Ibaraki.  There were bad tsunamis there.  I’m still worried.


One of my friends lost co workers.


One of my friends walked 14 miles to get home because the trains are down.


What terrible destructive power.





Now that I think about it, Japan is basically a nation of people who decided to colonize a bunch of volcanoes.  A big one just hit in Miyagi, about an 8.0 magnitude.  There are now tsunamis too.

There’s literally nothing good that can come from an earthquake.  At least tsunamis can put out the fires of Isengard before Saruman can join forces with Sauran.  Well, I guess earthquakes could make a tsunami that could keep two evil armies of orcs and uruk hai from ever meeting up and taking over Middle Earth…

a cross between Wolverine and Jason?

Japanese people are kind of used to these massive shiftings of the earth.  It of course surprises them, but they’ve built their cities to withstand this sort of thing.  Practice makes perfect and unless there’s a big change in geological science Japan is gonna keep getting hit, regularly…

Timing really sucks too, not that I think there’s a good time for an earthquake, but this is graduation time, so today, Friday, there are lots of schools with packed gymnasiums full of students, teachers, and parents…

For everyone that was hit by this quake stay safe!  I hope you’re all alright!  This means you, Josh, Sat, Yuko, J, Cliff, Hiroaki, Reiko, Allan, Kana, Waka, Chi, and everyone else.