Role Playing with a Sexbot 2.0

My yahoo messenger account is full of two things… spam and slutty bots…

F*cking spam… and spamsexbots…

While Yuuki is touring Turkey, I am pretty bored on my own. So in search of companionship I turn to the spambots that flood my Yahoo messenger…

Looks like Jabba’s palace…

This isn’t the first conversation I’ve had with them…

imogenefrancoisc883 : hey cutie

Me: hkjh

imogenefrancoisc883 : have we chatted before?? im 24/f u ?

Me: jghjhf

imogenefrancoisc883 : i’m sorry … i get to be forgetful at times!! how’re you?

Me: hgjfbnfb?

imogenefrancoisc883 : Just finished taking a bath..long day been kind of busy but i’m feeling a little naughty now! so what’s up?? … want to have some fun?

Me: Let’s do role play!!

imogenefrancoisc883 : long day i was in the shower forever just playin around and it always gets me horny lolz .. gonna change my clothes want to see ?  lol

Me: i’ll be captain planet! have you been polluting lately?

imogenefrancoisc883 : i need someone that can make me squirt .. you ever made a girl squirt before lolz?

Me: if by girl you mean a plugged geyser that I used my magical eco friendly powers on then yes… also dolphins…

imogenefrancoisc883 : wanna play on cam ??

Me: the world is too dirty for me to sit and play

imogenefrancoisc883 : dirty can be good 🙂

Me: no… it’s the exact thing that I use my powers to fight, in fact if i get dirty then my powers weaken and i become just a really gay looking cos player…

Why do super heroes wear their undies outside their pants… wait… is he even wearing pants?

imogenefrancoisc883 : dirty can be good 🙂

Me: dirt and grime are part of the pollution that… wait… dirt isn’t pollution… what the hell sort of super hero am I?

imogenefrancoisc883 : click the gold ‘Join Free’ tab at the top of my profile…k, then fill out ur info ….give it a second to load ..when you get in, I’d love for you to join me private …k?

Me: and what about the kid with the heart ring… how worthless do you have to be to end up with the “love” ring…

imogenefrancoisc883 : i use this site to play on cuz i don’t want to be recorded ! …this site doesn’t allow users to record my webcam! you know?

Me: i can use quicktime’s screen record function to record anything that’s displayed on my high resolution screen… bitch…

imogenefrancoisc883 : make me your bitch 🙂

Me: hmmm… captain planet is interested… by-the -by my real name is Sanchez… my skin tone is due to the fact that I’m albino and addicted to drinking luminescent paint… so, as my bitch i command you to fetch my slippers and then retrieve this tennis ball… let me know when you need to go out… god help me if you tinkle on the rug… i’m Korean you know i’ll f*cking eat you!!

imogenefrancoisc883 : 🙂

Me: yes… Captain Planet is korean… surprise… it shouldn’t be a surprise, i look like a cheap japanese anime knock off…

imogenefrancoisc883 : credit card verifies your age, you’ll get in for free thru my page but you need to verify that you’re an adult …can’t show ass and pussy to minors .. u know?

Me: hmmmm… well if they’re trapped in a mine it might be difficult… of course you could lower some fiber optic cable down… maybe some instructions on setting up a network… are caves 3G?

imogenefrancoisc883 : let me know when you’re done or if you need help …i’ll be gettin’ ready for you ..K ? 🙂

Me: what sort of preparations? are we going to role play? I’m already captain planet… hmmmm…. well OK… I’m in, I’ll be the Joker… not the Dark Knight Joker… the Jack Nicholson creepy date rape joker…

imogenefrancoisc883 : k ur good let me know when you’re in babe.. it’ll send you right to my cam once you’re done

Me: i’m a cop

imogenefrancoisc883 : are you in yet ?

Me: i’m a chicken

imogenefrancoisc883 : well hey better give me some “gold” when you’re on the site’s like a flirt and I’d love some from you ..k?

Me: i’m a level 42 paladin wizard… i have no need for gold! I can make gold from old cheese using alchemy!!!

imogenefrancoisc883 : k

Me: you are wise to surrender to the will of I captain planet the lvl 42 gold minting paladin wizard! i cast eyes of penile magnification and begin a fire sword meditation

imogenefrancoisc883 : k

Me: you’re not into this are you?

imogenefrancoisc883 : what’s taking u soooo long babe im burnin’ in here waiting for u …..

Me: ohhhh… my spell casting is starting to have its effect! i cast level 5 sorority girl inebriation spell! and of course don my robe and wizard hat

Me: the robe is too hot and the hat looks gay

Me: i remove both

Me: now i’m just in my really retarded looking captain planet outfit

Me: we stare into each other’s eyes

Me: you whisper… “You never loved me…”

Me: soft tears fall from my eyes

Me: “I’m sorry…” i stammer, the wind wails against the rocks

Me: good bye imogen

Me: may we meet again

Me: in this world or the next…

end scene

When you start me up…

Let’s talk about sex, baby, let’s talk about you and your low level AI response system

My conversation with an attention deficit grammatically challenged sex bot…
Why do you go to the gym if you’re a sex bot???
katymummx713 :

did you msg me?


katymummx713 :hello have we chatted before?


katymummx713 :duhhr i msged u on the site right

Me:just now

katymummx713 :im sorry but how old r u again ?



katymummx713 :I’m 21 female

Me:what year were you born?

katymummx713 :sorry if I’m slow typing..just came back from gymm

Me:were you lifting with your fingers?

katymummx713 :mhhm finger it lolz

Me:finger what? that’s off topic

katymummx713 :mhhm finger it lolz

Me:what’s your name?

katymummx713 :Jenny

Me:but your sn is katy

katymummx713 :so whats the deal today any plans ?

Me:do you have add?

katymummx713 :Holdon gotta change of clothes… wanna see ?

Me:your clothes? are they cool?

katymummx713 :I want to show on cam but do you have one ?

Me:i have a dial up

katymummx713 :k well u sound cute so im going to show you.. just go here u go got it?

Me:adderal would help you… it’s like you don’t pay attention to anything i say

katymummx713 :lol, read the fine print on that page says session is only $0.00 if a premium member invites you…I’ve been a premium member there for a long time. Trust me I know how the site works I’m a webcam freaklol..

Me:is it worth it?

katymummx713 :make sure you accept my cam chat invite on the left hand side, it expires in 10 mins, click it k?

Me:i mean i have a mirror here for free, is it gonna beat that?

katymummx713 :

Me:i hate you

katymummx713 :ok, fill out your info,first and last name, make sure you put your correct b-day k?

Me:you’re the evolution of the telemartketer…

katymummx713 :let me know whne u done or if u need help ill be getting lubbed and ready

Me:what are you a car engine?

katymummx713 :brb 1sec gotta restart cam u commin?

Me:your spelling is atrocious

katymummx713 :Credit card, debit card, or atm is just to verify your age hun. I had to do the same thing babe… cant show tits and pussy to know? 

Me:pretty sure you ‘can’ but also pretty sure you ‘should’ not. you’d think bots would have good grammar…

katymummx713 :uggh no i’m not are u???? lolz

Me:certain things in the conversation make me believe you’re from Texas

katymummx713 :k ur good let me know when ur in babe

Me:you’re ignoring me aren’t you


katymummx713 :u in?

i like it when you talk dirty to me 

Me:oh my god… you need help

katymummx713 :k

Me:well… at least you can admit it, i hear that’s the first step

katymummx713 :k

Me:your’e not listening anymore are you?

katymummx713 :whats takin u soo loong babe im burning in here atleast answer …..

Me:i’ve not stopped answering

you started ignoring me… like a politician after the ballots are counted


sex bot?

damn… what was your name again?



are you thhre


i misspelled a word!

i’m also adorably human


if you’re real let me kkow

i was just about to go to click your link

i’m a rich china man

me love you long time