living covertly in Japan

マット or Matt or 真人














Greetings people.

My name is Matt.

I’m an American living in Japan since 2008.

I love baseball.


I have a few ideas…

Maybe more than one…

I like eating Japanese food.  Some of my favorites are yakitori and ramen.

Real asian babies can use chopsticks from birth. Take away her bowl!

I’m an ALT for the government of Japan.  My first year here I used to work as a slave for Interac.

My actual boss didn’t have this many tentacles…

I enjoy living in Japan.  It’s very different in some ways, but pretty fun.

Don’t ask me to how learn or speak Japanese.  I studied French for 8 years before moving to Japan.  French is only useful in Japan for impressing girls… which is the only reason I studied it.

I’m calling this blog “Gaijin Chameleon” because even though I’m a foreigner, I look Japanese to most Japanese people so I never stand out in a crowd as long as I keep my mouth shut.  It’s a different experience from other gaijin who stand out in the crowd more, but I’ve been the only Asian in tiny southern Kentucky towns before, so I can understand the feeling a bit.

Yes. I’m adopted.

Comments on: "マット or Matt or 真人" (5)

  1. Hey Matt, does knowing how to speak french really impresses the jgirls?
    Cheers man.

    • hysteriasiberiana said:

      Well, it’s like when I was in 1st grade and I impressed the 2nd grade girls because I could count to 10 in Spanish. Mind you this was in a tiny forgotten town in the hills of West Virginia where English was actually a 2nd language next to “hill people” language.

      You don’t have to be fluent. Most Japanese people are mono-linguistic. They’ll be more impressed if you speak Japanese; being able to spout off some flowery French phrases will just increase your coolness exponentially after that.

  2. Do you still live in Japan?

  3. I’m really really interested in Japanese culture and your blog is really fun while being full of information at the same time! I feel a little reassured after reading it – hopefully if I ever get the chance to go to Japan, I won’t ah, embarrass myself too much.

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